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How much does artificial grass cost

How much does it cost to install artificial grass? And why? Every day homeowners ask us about the cost of artificial grass installation project. What is included in price? How can I save money? What if? etc. Clients often hear “Well, you are paying for quality.” But who explains what quality is? Very few show how […]

Calculate Square Feet of Artificial Grass

Most artificial grasses come in 12 and 15 ft. wide rolls. The length of rolls can max 100ft. but is usually shorter, as it gets too heavy to carry it. You can easily calculate the square footage of artificial grass that you need.  By walking Walk feet to feet in two directions and multiply dimension […]

Colored Artificial Grass

You may thought that artificial grass is always green? Not really. We’ve got a hold on pink, purple, chocolate and grey artificial grasses. It reminded us Alice in a Wonderland movie when we were looking at these colorful pieces of artificial turf. Ok. Let’s take a closer look and find what colored artificial grass can […]