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Why People Switch to Artificial Grass


Save California

Climate changes. Temperature is rising worldwide. Droughts get more frequent. Water becomes a luxury.
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Save Money

With increased rates and water restrictions, your lawn becomes a money making vehicle. You can significantly cut your water bill, reduce maintenance and improve curb appeal. Installing the artificial lawn is now a financially viable decision.
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Enjoy Year Round

Natural grass does not survive much traffic. In winter time, some backyards become muddy and impossible to use.
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Nothing Grows

In many cases, grass just does not grow well in shade or between concrete.


1Can I get samples?
Sure! But note, mailed samples of synthetic grass may be misleading. Samples arrive compressed, untreated, and lacking the sand filler. They look as stored in a roll at an artificial grass warehouse. This makes it confusing and difficult to make the right decision. We bring a complete set of samples of artificial grasses that look as installed, a much better alternative.
2Does artificial grass get hot?
Synthetic grass does get warmer than a natural lawn when it’s out in direct, mid-day sun. On the flip side, artificial grass doesn’t retain heat in shade or when air circulates well. Be cautious with crumb rubber infills as they can get as much as 30% warmer than ambient temperature, bare foot hot. We do not carry those.
3How can I clean my new artificial lawn?
You can use a leaf blower or stiff bristled broom for occasional cleaning. For lightly soiled areas and pet areas you can use a kid friendly, pet friendly, environmentally friendly enzymatic cleaner. In addition, you can use a pressure washer.When power washing your turf, at all times, keep your wand nozzle at least one foot away from your artificial grass. We include a free cleaning service for our clients to make it easy for you.
4Is it safe for kids?
Absolutely. We select only grasses and products that are lead-free, non-toxic and low maintenance. They’re made and tested in the United States. A synthetic lawn is an excellent alternative for kids that have grass related allergies. In addition, we can put a natural disinfectant infill upon your request.
5How long will it last?
Most artificial grasses have an expected warranty span of 15 years. However, warranties do not cover matting- grass falling down. The brand new look of synthetic turf will depend on amount of traffic and resistance of grass to prevent matting. Some grasses survive 150+ daily walk- ins and look just as installed for a few year. Other grasses wear out in as quick as a few months. It is critical to select the right material instead of blindly going for the dense grass hoping that it will survive longer.
6How quickly can I return my investment in artificial grass?
On average, artificial grass projects pay back within 3-5 years. Drastically increasing water bills can shorten the period. Accompanied by tax benefits, your lawn becomes a money saving machine. It is like earning a couple hundred dollars every months. If you are running business, such as day care, your investment may pay back within a few month and help get more clients at a higher rate.
7Can you help with landscape design and renovate entire backyard?
Yes, we are a full cycle construction company. Artificial grass is one of our key specialities with more teams dedicated to it. However, our specialists can help you design and renovate your backyard adding a fireplace, pavers patio and lighting. We love such complex projects!
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